Passing the buck – without the tax burden

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Most of us want to plan our finances so that the tax burden is lessened on either yourself, or those you’ll be passing your estate onto in the future. Pension funds can be a good way to extend your tax efficiency.

Why? Because, unlike Inheritance Tax bands which have been rising steadily but have failed to keep pace with house price inflation, pensions can be inherited tax-free.

However, there are some rules and regulations you need to be aware of.

Is having a company car still a perk?

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 With HM Revenue & Customs continuing to increase the taxable benefit of having a company car, is a company car cost-effective?

By looking carefully at the tax implications for both the employee and employer, an informed decision can be made about whether a company car is the right choice. The outcome varies significantly depending on the type of vehicle being considered.

Five steps to a successful business strategy

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Most people can write a business strategy, but how do know when the formula you’ve come up with is a winning one? Usually, this involves employing an expensive business consultant to do the work for you, which can often leave you none the wiser as you try to implement it. The good news is, it doesn’t need to be complicated and getting your business to where you want it to be shouldn’t cost you a fortune.

Your accountant can (and should) be a good source of business advice and guidance. Here’s some tips from our business advice team to help you along the way.

Property Tax - The ins and outs

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Buying or selling property for yourself or as a buy-to-let investment can be a stressful business, even before you factor in the taxes you’re required to pay. However, by taking the time to fully understand and plan for your property tax obligations, you can put yourself ahead of the game. 

So, what taxes are you liable to pay on your property and what can landlords claim as expenses?

Barrister accounts FAQs: Guidance for pupils and new barristers

Barrister Chambers

As part of our series of Barrister FAQs, we’ve looked at a range of accounting issues that are specific to Barrister accounts. This time we focus on pupils and new Barristers.

We understand that when you are new to the Bar, accounting options can be daunting and decisions you make in your early career can have significant implications later on, such as choosing your year end. Our specialist barrister team can talk you through your options.

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